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  • Easy to use, with the tools you need, 7.7.7
  • Now Create BOM's using multiple vendors, convert to orders with one click
  • Builds Databases as you Build Purchase Orders, Eliminates repetitious entries
  • Quickly Complete Purchase Orders With Only A Few Clicks
  • Track Expenses & Histories and Who is ordering & where it is going
  • Track Inventory Costs and Locations and set automatic reorder levels
  • Create Custom Categories, Custom Name Many Database And Order Fields
  • Enter New Items and Vendors Directly Into Purchase Order Form
  • Run This Program On A USB Drive For Complete Purchase Order Portability
  • Save Templates, Quickly Duplicate Recurring Purchase Orders
  • Low One Time Cost and Feature Packed, Works Over Networks
  • Help File

Point & Click Purchase Order & Inventory Control

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Purchase items with ease, track your purchases by the equipment it is used on, by the department,
maintenance needs, even if you use another purchasing program this will compliment it and
help you keep records and maintain expense reports, print requisitions, a few clicks of the mouse and
you can tell that vendor how many orders you send his way

Reduce Inventories, Streamline Ordering, Track Spending

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