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  • Purchasing Manager can be used over a network
  • Choose your fax as printer and fax your order
  • No renewal fees or additional charges for updates
  • Change the order number on a saved order, right click on the Order number in the order window
  • Don't like the Item field names, right click on the blue fields in the Inventory window
  • This program is Microsoft Windows Friendly, Built with MS VB 6.0,
  • Driven With MS Access Database Technology, Use Access 2000 For Custom Queries
  • User Requests For Customizations, Can Often Be Incorporated Into The Program
  • The Purchase Orders database should handle about 100,000 average size orders
  • Help File

The navigation page

is a quick link to areas of the program, to create an order or receive purchases add/edit items and vendors, etc

The tabs at the top of the page will bring up more detailed screens for order lists, item and vendor details

The navigation menu item at the top of the window has links to more program features, such as the units of measure and G/L acounts

A few of the reports are on the navigation page, more are listed in the top menu Reports

The other buttons include categories for items and vendors, which can be used to track expenses, departments, equipment, etc

The search button can help find items when you do not know the category or exact name(use the in house descriptions to help name items with confusing vendor descriptions making them easier to find and reorder)

For recurring orders, save the order as a template and give it a descriptive name(such as Copier supplies) and reordering is simple and accurate

Maintaining the databases

From the menu Options/Backup, choose the Maintenance tab
Clearing out-dated records will make data retrieval faster
The Errorlog may be emptied any time, if an error is still occurring it will be re-written

Networking The Purchase Order Database

I am a network user and the program fails to start
Run the install program on the local computer You may need to run the setup program on that workstation, if you download from this link-

then delete the folder it created C:\Users\Public\Purchase and the desktop shortcut it left

And use the shortcut you had to the Purchman.exe on the public drive

If it is a later version that you are currently using, you may wish to run the new installation to see what the program looks like since you last updated

If you are thinking of updating,
Make a copy of the folder you are currently using and try a practice update in the copied folder
by coping the new PurchMan.exe from the workstation to your newly copied folder
and run the program there to update the databases. Large databases or old programs
sometimes run into errors in the update process
It may take quite some time(30-60 minutes)to complete the process.
Then try a couple sample orders to make sure it is all working as it should.

Notice the program itself uses capital letters PurchMan.exe
And the installation program uses all lowercase purchman.exe(confusing)

I have a new computer and want to move my program

Download the installation file here

Download and install, then copy all your files except PurchMan.exe
(if you wish to update, if not copy this file also) into your purchase folder
(C:\Users\Public\Purchase) overwriting the newly created files,
if you are updating an older version, the first time you run the program
after copying in your data, it may take some time for the update to complete
(30-60 minutes), interrupting this process will corrupt the data

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